The Forgotten Void

A journey of the mind

The Forgotten Void is another crowdfunding project which we found on In my opinion this game looks gorgeous. You have an immense overworld that you can explore, right now the description says that the combat system is fast paced and a little mistake can already be your death, therefore I hope to play it soon as possible. The puzzle system looks amazing and might break your head for the hard ones.

The Story of The Forgotten Void:

“Many centuries ago, two worlds formed: The Overworld and The Null World. Humans inhabited the Overworld while Null entities, dark creatures ruled the Null World. When the two worlds were created, a portal known as the Gateway was created that linked the two worlds together. As time past on, The Null World began corrupting The Overworld, forcing humanity to fight back.

This triggered the Great War between these two worlds, wiping out most inhabitants of The Overworld.

In present time, our hero/heroine wakes up in the darkness of the Null World with no recollection of their memories and our journey begins here. ”

A little interview with the developers:

Like in our other articles about crowdfunding projects we asked the developers some question about The Forgotten Void.

1) What inspired you to develop The Forgotten Void?

We have always been inspired by classic games like Zelda and Pokemon and even more modern games like The Binding of Isaac and Dark Souls. The Forgotten Void is just all of that inspiration put into one game.

2) What makes your game The Forgotten Void special?

It has everything you could hope for in a game, puzzles, combat, some story, exploration and more!

3) Do you have plans for the future of the game after it’s release?

Yes! We hope to take this game as far as we can in the future.

4) Will you focus on a new game after finishing The Forgotten Void?

We have ideas for future games, but right now we are focusing on this game.

5) Do you have some things you want to add to the article?

Support our kickstarter 🙂

To finish this article here is the games latest trailer:

What do you think?

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