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Stefano Valentini the photographer in The Evil Within 2

The twisted deadly photographer makes an appearance in the latest trailer

Horrible beings aren’t the only beasts that wait for Sebastion in The Evil Within 2. He’ll additionally go across courses with numerous vicious human beings on his mission to save his little girl, Lily. Today, Bethesda presented among the homicidal personalities Sebastion will certainly come across throughout the video game: the twisted photographer Stefano Valentini.

Valentini was a war photographer, though a crash created him to shed his eye and also, inevitably, the madness in him grew and overcame him. His wish to produce his shocking art has actually led him to establish his views on Lily, that Valentini claims is the “key to unlocking the potential” of the video game’s STEM world.

The Evil Within 2 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as PC on October 13. Those that pre-order the title will certainly obtain the incentive Last Chance Pack, that includes a variety of tools, ammo, and also crafting products to assist gamers on their trip right into the STEM world.

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