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New Gamemodes in Overwatch

The PTR of Overwatch was filled with new gamemodes, namely Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch along with a new map.
The Deathmatch can be played with up to eight players and the first one hitting 20 points wins the round while Team Deathmatch stays at the classic six vs. six format. As always in a Deathmatch you receive points by killing enemies but you will lose points by self-inflicted damage deaths and environmental deaths. Additionally the Team Deathmatch has one thing more on the run, if players get resurrected before they respawn, the kills will not be counted.
Also Blizzard gives us a new map for the free for all Deathmatch mode, it is called Château Guillard (this map is displayed in the image above the article).
Right now the new modes and map are only available on the PTR for PC, console players have to wait until all of this will be introduced into the actual game.

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