Neon City Riders the cyberpunk/nu-wave adventure

Back to the 16-bit era

As a fan of old-school-games, 8-bit and 16-bit era I was pleased by Neon City Riders design. At first glance I was pretty much flashed by nostalgia because it reminded me of my first run of Earthbound. Neon City Riders is a 2D action-adventure game with a 16-bit style in terms of graphics and sound to create an old-school ambience, which works perfectly fine. It is produced by Mecha Studio, a little mexican indie game development studio.

About the Game:

“Neon City Riders is a 2D action-adventure where you can explore at will the whole Neon City in search of items, abilities and companions that help you finish your quest.

Now,  picture yourself in a not so distant cyberpunk/nu-wave future where almost everyone in your city was forced to be part of a gang and dragged into a turf war that have broken the equilibrium of the whole metropolis and his habitants. Apparently the only way to restore this balance is to go deep into each one of the gangs turfs and defeat their leaders to unify the city and its people once again.

What to expect about this game? Action, puzzles, memorable characters, colorful areas, cyberpunk thematic, nu-wave aesthetics and soundtrack, upgrades, items and much more! (see extra info on Neon City Riders homepage). ”

Here is some footage of the actual game:

1) What inspired you to develop Neon City Riders?

Our main inspiration is all the movies and video games we played during our childhood, we grew up on the 90’s, so we watched a lot of action and sci-fi movies, so we wanted to reflect that mixture in this video game. Another extra motivation is that we love video games and we want to give something in return for all those hours of fun who made us who we are right now.

2) What makes your game Neon City Riders special?

We think Neon City Riders has its own personality thanks to the fusion of all the things mentioned above with a special sense of humor. Without a doubt is a game that we are looking forward to play and enjoy as soon as we finish developing it.

3) Do you have plans for the future of the game after it’s release?

Yes!, right now we are focusing on funding it through Kickstarter, and If we do, we want to take it to as many consoles as possible and continue developing updates and context for the game, such as a series of webcomics, a PDF guide or even physical release.

4) Will you focus on a new game after finishing Neon City Riders?

Yes, the idea behind the funding is to establish Mecha Studios and expand it by recruiting more people to keep developing games.

5) Do you have some things you want to add to the article?

Thanks for all your support, and please help us to create together this epic cyberpunk action adventure!

With that being said, here you can help Mecha Studios to release Neon City Riders.

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