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Half Life 2 Cheats – Go, Win the Game!

All Half Life 2 Cheats and more – Go, Win the Game! and Make your friends Surprised.

Can anybody please give me Half life 2 cheats? Eventually, every Half-life gamer has actually encountered this sort of inquiries. Yes! That’s the craze of the video game. Originally launched in November 2004 is the follower of the popular video gaming series: Half-life.Half-life 2 is a first-person shooter video game created and also powered by Valve Firm.

Story of Half life 2

Like the previous, Half-life 2 likewise focuses on crowbar wielding scientist Gordon Freeman and also gamers placed his shoes on while playing the video game. After remaining in a stasis for Two Decade, Freeman is awakened by the enigmatic G-Man. He discovers that the alien combine has actually taken control of the world. Joined by the allies including Alyx Vance, Gordon attempts to sway the villains utilizing a variety of weapons such as Gravity Gun (Object manipulative weapon).


Like Half-life, the 2nd installation of the video game has actually also gotten crucial recognition for its innovative, AI, physics, audio, graphics as well as narrative gameplay. With the title of “Video game of the Decade” at the 2012 Spike Video Game Honors, as well as 39 “Video game of the Year” awards, this video game has actually ended up being a worldwide sensation today!

Prior to the complete version, a trial of the video game was released. So, customers might play the one mission before buying the video game.Think just what! The video game was marketed as a warm cake, and also ever since, players were trying to find the Half-life 2 cheats. You could still download and install the video game via steam after greater than a year of its release Are you a ‘Half life 2 lunatic’? Find out just how you could make it possible for the cheats as well as elevate up the humankind over the wickedness.

How You Can Open Half Life 2 Cheats?

In order to allow the Half-Life 2 cheats, you should include the console option right into Half-Life 2 program executable. Here is the procedure you should comply with.

Dive start the process by left-clicking the ‘Start Menu‘. Now browse to the Half-Life 2 shortcut icon or you could look for the shortcut symbol on your desktop computer. Right-click on the shortcut to pick ‘Properties‘. Now add “– CONSOLE” (w/o quotes) i.e. “C: \ Program Files\ Half-Life 2 \ hl2.exe“– console.

Now, you could begin the video game usually. You have to push the tilde button (~) to bring up the console while playing the video game. Enter the cheat codes listed below to obtain the result you call for.

Half Life 2 Cheats:

Action Cheat Codes

Following are the action cheat codes that can offer you various actions effortlessly in the time when you can just dream about those!

Action Cheat Codes
God mode god
Walk through objects noclip
See through walls mat_depthbias_normal 1
All weapons impulse 101
Spawn a jeep impulse 82
Spawn an air boat impulse 83
Ignored by NPCs notarget
Load indicated map map [map name]
Spawn indicated item give [item name]
Reduce your health buddha
Damage player hurtme [amount]
List maps maps
Disable dead bodies going through each other cl_ragdoll_collide 1
Toggle developer mode; 2 is verbose developer [0-2]
Toggle picker mode picker
Toggle HUD display cl_drawhud [0 or 1]
Toggle HUD display cl_enablehud [0 or 1]
Toggle frame rate display cl_showfps [0 or 1]
Enable mouse look +mlook
Show crosshairs hud_quickhelp/text? 1
Sets the size of carried weapon; 54 is default viewmodel_fov [number]
Execute script file exec [filename]
Creates an NPC; only where NPC are allowed npc_create [name]
Create an NPC aiming away from player npc_create_aimed
Move player to indicated location; requires sv_cheats 1 setpos [coordinates]
Set view to indicated pitch yaw; requires sv_cheats 1 Setang [value]
Set gravity value sv_gravity [number]
Set minimum stopping speed when on ground sv_stopspeed [number]
Set world friction sv_friction [number]
Set bounce multiplier for physically simulated objects collision sv_bounce [number]
Set maximum velocity of any moving object sv_maxvelocity [number]
Set vertical view fixup when eyes are near water plane sv_waterdist [number]
Slow time; 1 is default cl_phys_timescale [0.00-1.00]
Change air density air_density [number]
Set length of explosion confusion dsp_explosion_effect_duration [number]
Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode; red: ignore damage, white: respond to damage, green: health prop_debug
Toggle reporting missing .WAV files sv_soundemitter_filecheck
Limits the number of texture units; 0 lets the game decide mat_numtextureunits [number]
Move player to indicated location setpos [coordinates]
Set view to indicated pitch yaw Setang [value]
Wire frame models mat_wireframe1
Only wireframe objects effected by physics vcollide_wireframe 1
Toggle bump mapping mat_fastnobump [0 or 1]
No weapon model onscreen impulse 200
Deleted targeted object or person impulse 203
Show game triggers showtriggers_toggle
Show normal maps mat_normalmaps 1
Show surface materials mat_normals 1
Black and white screen mat_yuv 1
Color screen mat_yuv 0

Weapon Cheat Code

Use the following codes to unlock amazing weapons!

Weapon Names Cheat Code
.357 Magnum give weapon_357
Alyxgun (may not work at certain times, and may cause undesired effects) give weapon_alyxgun
pulse gun give weapon_ar2
Pheropod give weapon_bugbait
Cguard (may not work at certain times, and may cause undesired effects) give weapon_cguard
crowbar give weapon_crowbar
crossbow give weapon_crossbow
grenade give weapon_frag
Gravity Gun (may not work at certain times, and may cause undesired effects) give weapon_physcannon
9mm pistol give weapon_pistol
RPG give weapon_rpg
shotgun give weapon_shotgun
submachine gun give weapon_smg1
Cubemap (may not work at certain times, and may cause undesired effects) give weapon_cubemap
Father Annabelle Grigori’s shotgun, uses 357 magnum ammo give weapon_annabelle
binoculars give weapon_binoculars
brickbat give weapon_brickbat
extinguisher give weapon_extinguisher
flaregun give weapon_flaregun
gauss give weapon_gauss
hmg1 give weapon_hmg1
hopwire give weapon_hopwire
iceaxe give weapon_iceaxe
immolator give weapon_immolator
irifle give weapon_irifle
manhack give weapon_manhack
ml give weapon_ml
Molotov give weapon_molotov
Slam give weapon_slam
Physgun give weapon_physgun
Rollerwand give weapon_rollerwand
smg2 give weapon_smg2
Sniperrifle give weapon_sniperrifle
Stickylauncher give weapon_stickylauncher
Stunstick give weapon_stunstick
Thumper give weapon_thumper
ar1 give weapon_ar1
ar2 give weapon_ar2

Item Cheat Code

Get whatever item you need. Now, you can access unlimited ammo, grenades and health kits. Write down the following codes.

Item Name Cheat Code
ar2 grenades give item_ar2_grenade
submachine gun grenades give item_ammo_smg1_grenade
shotgun ammo give item_box_buckshot
pulse gun ammo give item_box_lrounds
pulse gun ammo give item_ammo_ar2
pulse gun ammo large give item_ammo_ar2_large
pulse gun ammo large give item_large_box_lrounds
pulse gun grenades give item_ammo_ar2_altfire
submachine gun ammo give item_box_mrounds
submachine gun ammo large give item_ammo_smg1_large
submachine gun ammo large give item_large_box_mrounds
submachine gun ammo give item_ammo_smg1
9mm pistol ammo give item_box_srounds
9mm pistol ammo give item_ammo_pistol
9mm pistol ammo large give item_ammo_pistol_large
9mm pistol ammo large give item_large_box_srounds
large health kit; 25 HP give item_healthkit
HEV suit battery; 15 AP give item_battery
ml grenade give item_ml_grenade
RPG ammo give item_rpg_round
HEV suit give item_suit
small health kit; 10 HP give item_healthvial
.357 Magnum ammo give item_ammo_357
.357 Magnum ammo large give item_ammo_357_large
crossbow ammo give item_ammo_crossbow
Sniper ammo give item_box_sniper_rounds

NPC Cheat Code

Access the console by typing the below NPC Half Life 2 cheats and get whatever you want from the list.

NPC Cheat Codes
npc_create npc_alyx
npc_create npc_antlion
npc_create npc_antlionguard
npc_create npc_barnacle
npc_create npc_barney
npc_create npc_breen
npc_create npc_citizen
npc_create npc_combine_s
npc_create npc_combinedropship
npc_create npc_combinegunship
npc_create npc_crow
npc_create npc_cscanner
npc_create npc_dog
npc_create npc_eli
npc_create npc_fastzombie
npc_create npc_gman
npc_create npc_headcrab
npc_create npc_headcrab_black
npc_create npc_headcrab_fast
npc_create npc_headcrab_poison
npc_create npc_helicopter
npc_create npc_ichthyosaur
npc_create npc_kleiner

Map Cheat Code

Use the following code after writing ‘map’ for each subject. Such as “map d1_canals_01”

Map Cheat Code

With the above Half-Life 2 cheats, you could win the video game even before your opponent touches you. But I believe cheat codes won’t offer you the enjoyment that you are worthy of and also the video game possesses.If it’s just about winning, enjoyment will definitely be lacking. As the renowned saying goes, “Failure is the pillar of success” if you do not fail in an objective, just how can a success taste excellent? If you wish to utilize the cheats anyhow and also desire a win-win situation, the above cheats will certainly assist you to besuccessful.

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