CS:GO Pro Dosia gets his own graffiti on Inferno

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro Gamer Mikhail “Dosia” Stolyarov from the Team Gambit E-Sports is rewarded with an huge honor. He will be a part of the map Inferno forever, because he receives his own graffiti on the map. The reason is a special grenade throw he did in the major tournament PGL Kraków.

The last graffiti someone received was Marcelo “coldzera” David and only four other people share this honor.

Dosias play is linked below, with this grenade throw he did not carry the specific round, but he destroyed the enemies economy:

Normally you would try to kill the enemies to win the round but it was almost impossible to do this in Dosias situation, he got the genius idea to weaken the enemies, so that the bomb explosion will kill two players from Immortals. By doing this he denied two people receiving extra money for surviving the round and they lost their equipment.

In the end Gambit E-Sports won against Immortals and became the actual CS:GO champion.

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