Arbiter a Kickstarter Project

Let’s get this project out of its Alpha

Hey readers we decided to create a new format where we show you some games that are being created right now. These games are crowdfunding project from websites like Kickstarter. So let’s begin the with the real content of the article now.

Our first game that we promote is Arbiter by Jordan Scott. It’s a fastpaced action game with a different kind of combat system. Furthermore you have two transformations but you have to use them carefully to defeat your opponents since they can transform too. Additionally there is a demo of the game on his website so you can immediately try it.

Here is the description from the developer:

“Ethers and Umbras. Two races in an eternal war with no regard for humankind. Ashe is the next soul in line to inherit the title of Arbiter. With his companions, Dove and Raven, he travels a corrupted land in search for the spirits that pose threat. He may find, however, that the world isn’t quite as black and white as it seems…”

Take a glimpse on the games trailer below:

Also we asked Scott some questions about Arbiter.

1) What inspired you to develop Arbiter?

Arbiter was inspired by games like Ikaruga, Kingdom Hearts, and Dark Souls. Visually it was inspired by things like anime and manga. I wanted to make an action game with a heavy focus on a unique core mechanic.

2) What makes your game Arbiter special?

I’d say what makes Arbiter different from other action games is its transformation system. You have to ability to either damage your enemies or become completely immune to their attacks, and they can do the same to you. It creates a different type of mindset where you’re constantly thinking about which form would be ideal based on what you’re fighting.

3) Do you have plans for the future of the game after its release?

I hope to support its release with additional content and port it to consoles.

4) Will you focus on a new game after finishing Arbiter?

I’ll definitely be working on more games after Arbiter.

5) Do you have some things you want to add to the article?

I’d just like to encourage everyone to spread word of the Kickstarter as much as they can!

Finally if you want to help Scott getting Arbiter started then do it here and now.

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